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Take a look at some of our volunteer testimonials below to see what previous volunteers have posted about their time on our projects. 

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Billy H, UK
Teaching & Big 5 Wildlife Conservation My favourite part of the project was the teaching - it was an amazing experience and the kids were great! I enjoyed absolutely everything about my time in Zimbabwe, especially seeing rhino and wild dog so close. The people made it even better, they were all so lovely and engaging.” September 2014 Read More
Nigel Parker, UK
Rhino & Elephant Conservation Every time I visit this project, and this is my third time, I am always impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the staff. This is from the cooks right through to the rhino and elephant handlers who are always very knowledgable and love imparting their wisdom to us lesser mortals, unfortunate enough not to live in Africa. Whether riding horses or following the rhino through the bush, they are always very dedicated, keeping the volunteers amused and safe at the same time. The school visits are always a joy - whether its helping with the local juniors, counting or doing ... September 2014 Read More
John Douglas Wylde, UK
Namibia Medical Volunteer - Rural Bushman Clinic My 6 weeks have been immensely enjoyable and something that I cherish for years to come. Arriving fresh faced and not knowing what to expect, I was warmly welcomed by everyone at the clinic. I quickly found myself helping out with every aspect of the clinic; some of which I had not initially thought of. This was typified by spending a few days up on the roof doing cladding for the water pipes. After a few failed attempts, the water pipes have now stopped freezing! The theme of water also arose in helping the San with their water crisis. They had ... August 2014 Read More
Cathy H, UK
Teaching & Big 5 Wildlife Conservation Totally worthwhile project We were the first volunteers on this program and a family of 4 (children 13 14). We all had an amazing experience. Very quickly we were made to feel part of the local community and kept very busy, whether teaching in the local school or helping out on the conservancy. The children in the school are amazing, great fun and very keen to learn. Among the activities on the conservancy we were fixing water pipes, clearing tracks, finding poachers snares as well tracking rhinos. elephants and lions on foot with an amazing guide. We learnt so much ... August 2014 Read More
Bill Sparks, Family Volunteer
Desert Elephant Conservation & Conflict Prevention Hard to believe that not so long ago, we were huddled up in our sleeping bags at base camp watching the incredible star show that is the Namibian sky during the night! Enjoying this view while trying to digest the previous 9 days of our time spent building an Elephant-proof garden fence, sharing work, meals and kitchen duties with new friends and families from far away homes, going on patrol in search of the desert elephants, hearing and seeing new sights and sounds along with the lessons learned from our intrepid, soulful and knowledgeable guide Hendrick, was a bit heady ... August 2014 Read More
Cherry W, Australia
Namibia Medical Volunteer - Rural Bushman Clinic There will be as many opinions on how to help the Bushman as there are interested individuals wanting to help and there are no easy answers. What the clinic in Pos 3 provides is ongoing medical treatment to the Bushman at a standard that they would often miss out on. This is due either to the poor accessibility of healthcare in such remote areas or dismissive attitudes they encounter when they do seek help from State run clinics. In my two weeks here what I have seen is that the clinic is able to provide simple frontline general practice care for ... July 2014 Read More
Mila G-C, UK
Big 5 Working Safari To feel that I ve contributed to this project is absolutely great. The people I met are so passionate and to be part of that and to feel that we’ve done some good is incredible. Tracking lions was amazing and it was so exciting to feel at any moment we would hear the beep from the telemetry set and be able to see them. Watching elephants pass us by at close range was also incredible and well worth the anticipation as we were waiting quietly on a rock hearing them come closer and closer. April 2014 Read More
Runel L, Denmark
Malawi Wildlife Conservation Experience As a volunteer who has experienced this programme for four absolutely amazing weeks, I can truly say that this place is a place for those who want to experience untouched nature, wild animals in the best possible habitats and people who give all they have, to help and preserve the animals. Whether you are going for a bike ride around the park, or just sit and enjoy the amazing sunset at Sunset Deck you re going to enjoy every second of your stay in Kuti. They have some amazing villas with everything the heart desires in the middle of the wildlife ... April 2014 Read More
Lindsey B, Canada
Big 5 Working Safari A wild African experience This programme has been an amazing, eye-opening experience. We didn’t see any other people apart from people we worked with, no other vehicles, you don’t hear anything except for nature. You hear the birds, we heard lions roaring, elephants trumpeting and it was just incredible to feel that you’re actually out in Africa, in its rawest form - its truly wild. March 2014 Read More
Holly H, South Africa
Rhino & Elephant Conservation It is so hard to describe my time here at Imire, because it has been so breathtaking. The knowledge I have gained about nature and animals is beyond amazing. To ask me to put my experiences and adventures down on paper is just too hard, the things I have done here are out of this world and the people I have met here are so inspirational. I have learnt new things from every person I have met and spent time with. The truth is that I fell so madly in love with the animals, bush, people and nature that I ... July 2013 Read More

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