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Take a look at some of our volunteer testimonials below to see what previous volunteers have posted about their time on our projects. 

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Brigitte Dierckx, Dubai
Teaching & Literacy, Victoria Falls You make a real difference in the school I was so impressed by the project staff and teachers values and their commitment to the environment and local communities. It was crucial for me that this experience would be more than a “feel-good” operation set up solely for tourists. I have worked with Children in the Wilderness before so I knew that their endorsement would give me the guarantee of its credibility and value. We had an absolutely amazing experience. I have never felt happier and more comfortable than with the people who I met on this project – they have 100% integrity. I achieved ... August 2016 Read More
Patsy B, Dubai
Family volunteering - Hands-on Rhino & Elephant Conservation An incredible family experience Submitted by Patsy B | July 2016 What an amazing experience we have had on the family volunteering project here at Imire. Our leader, Dolf, shared his passion for the bush with us in such a humble way, imparting his knowledge to us all, keeping the boys interested, motivated and involved in all the activities. Wow, what a priviledge it has been to be at Imire, taking part in the day to day activities involving rhino, elephant and the feeding of lion and hyena, not forgetting the cattle dipping fun! It truly has been an awesome experience. We enjoyed ... August 2016 Read More
Dries P, Belgium
Teaching & Literacy, Victoria Falls It is impossible for me to write what I enjoyed the most about my time in Victoria Falls - the people, the animals or the nature that surrounds you. I have never felt happier and more comfortable than with the people who I met on this project - they have 100% integrity. It was nice to combine the leisurely accommodation of Victoria Falls town with the programme out at Jabulani and I felt it gave exactly the right balance.We also loved the extra trip to visit Hwange National Park, the bird watching, drinks at the lodge and “the perfect evening” - watching ... July 2016 Read More
Michael D, United Kingdom
Marine Conservation, Mozambique Within 5 mins of touching down at the tiny Ihambane airport, all the anxieties of bringing my children on a marine conservation project in Mozambique had melted away. It hadn’t been an easy lead up. We made the decision to get our PADI open water in London before we left. After a disastrous pool session and two days at a no-visibility gravel pit near Heathrow, my 14 year old daughter decided she hated diving. No worries, we were assured, it was OK for her to just snorkel. Next, friends and colleagues became more incredulous as I first explained ... July 2016 Read More
Karin T, Switzerland
Rescued Animal Conservation, Zimbabwe I chose this project because there was not a lot of volunteers taken and it looked more personal. When I got there, I knew had I made the right decision! I did so many things - feeding animals, spending time with them, helping the sick ones, assisting the vets at the clinic in neutering, helping at the community dog days, bringing dogs back to the villages and going on excursions. The volunteer house was very comfortable and clean (even with Horace running in and out!) and Beckie s food was very good. My vegetarian requirement was not a problem. Everyone at ... May 2016 Read More
Katarzyna J, Poland
Rhino & Elephant Conservation Unforgettable weeks at Imire Submitted by Katarzyna J | 16th May 2016 I chose Imire for the chance to get hands-on experience with animals and also because of the diversity of the programme, the positive opinions of the programme and its conservation value. I came to Imire between jobs, at my 40th birthday. I hoped to experience the wonderful African wildlife up close and have my own impact on conservation. I got these and so much more. The programme is wonderfully diverse, no two days look the same. Whether it’s walking with the elephants, getting close to the endangered black rhinos, sneaking up ... May 2016 Read More
Sophie H, France
Marine Conservation, Mozambique This experience with helped me to better understand the reality of the threat to marine life, and as a consequence to a global ecosystem, which is only a sample of the complexity of this issue. This experience allowed me at the same time to go back to the basics, get more colours in my palette, reconnect with Nature… and to look further than I ever looked. Some people say that scientists are boring, whatever their specialty, and especially in biology. They are supposed to behave as autistic people, living in their own world that nobody can penetrate. As a scientist in clinical ... March 2016 Read More
Emma R, Scotland
Rescued Animal Conservation, Zimbabwe Raising a baby Vervet Monkey Submitted by Emma R | March 2016 The whole experience was such a positive one, but I must say helping rescued animals get back to full health and fitness and being able to release them back into the wild had to be the most rewarding thing about the whole trip. Getting hands on with all sorts of different animals was the most amazing experience and all the staff members were absolutely lovely and so helpful. It wouldn’t have been the same without the staff. I loved the idea of it being a rescue sanctuary, and what made ... March 2016 Read More
Sandra T, Sweden
Anti-Poaching & Wildlife Management, Victoria Falls Saving animals Submitted by Sandra T | 23rd February 2016 I had an absolutely wonderful time on the project and I got to feel that I actually helped out, and I have gained a lot of good experience. Everything from knowledge about animal behavior, anti-poaching, tracking and conservation, to walk in the bush, up hills to see stunning views, beautiful sunrises and sundowners and get new friends for life. It is so inspiring to meet someone who puts such a big part of his or her life in to saving the wilderness and the wildlife and someone who is as passionate as Nigel. ... February 2016 Read More
Carol W, USA
Rhino & Elephant Conservation Loving the simple life Submitted by Carol Warden | 24th February 2016 Here we have our schedule everyday that builds in time for work, eating, socializing, resting and observing. In the wonderful weather and with the gas stove, we don t even notice when the power cuts out. Ah, the simple life. No internet, no texting, no rushing. Left to enjoy the life that is right in front of you; interacting with fellow volunteers, catching up on good books. It s so wonderful to relax, not have the rush and go feeling of our everyday lives. Even though my regular life is ... February 2016 Read More

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