Leslie B

United States | July 2018

I had never been to Africa before and wanted to go somewhere off the grid / not that common. I also wanted to do a marine life conservation project, and thought this one was so unique because of the high concentration of mega fauna.

I was dying to see a whale shark and on my first Ocean Safari, I remember our team saying they saw one. I was the first one in the water as I was so excited, and came face to face with a massive, yet beautiful, gentle giant. it was such an indescribable and humbling feeling.

I’ve always loved animals and the ocean and this experience made me leaving having an even greater respect for our oceans and its inhabitants.

Did you feel you made a real contribution to the project?

All the activities were amazing and completely unique. I was only there for a week, so I don't feel I made as uch of an impact as if I stayed for longer and done more dives, but I did leave having more love and respect for our beautiful oceans, and will do what I can on a daily basis to preserve and protect them. I have no suggestions for any improvements to the project - it far exceeded my expectations.

Tell us about your experience with the project staff and other volunteers

I have never met such an incredible group of people! Not only the staff and volunteers, but the locals as well. Such a great sense of community and we all shared common morals and values. It was also nice being surrounded by fellow vegetarians lol.

Do you have any advice for future participants?

This was a totally life-changing experience and my favorite international trip by far. I would highly highly recommend this programme. I would especially recommend that volunteers come in the summer when the humpbacks are there! (I missed their arrival by about a month or so, but have contemplating going back because I loved it so much.)

Thank you again for such a life changing experience!

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