Beverley M

USA | October 2017

I chose this programme because I wanted to be involved in the rhino dehorning operation. I enjoyed every minute of my time spent on this project; everything was positive, from the animals, the community children, cultural experiences and meeting many new and delightful people.

The activities on the programme were incredibly diverse, which kept me constantly interested and excited for the next adventure. Apart from the dehorning, my highlight was when I participated in a two day spay/neuter/vaccination clinic in the rural community;  never did I think I would be vaccinating dogs, or watching surgeries.

Brilliant - This is the most brilliant program I have ever participated in, well put together and orchestrated and the management was superb. From the moment I woke in the morning the days were filled with fun and team work. The accommodations I requested were received and the food was always good and well prepared.

Beauty - Africa is the most beautiful continent and has the most fascinating scenery one could ever see. The native people seem to be the kindest and happiest people in the world. Being around them puts reality and perspective on things, and teaches us who are more fortunate, on how we can better ourselves and be kinder and more giving to others. This is why I will return again and again!

Bronze - My physical strength was definitely put to the test. I did things I thought was impossible for a person my age (60+) could do. This gave me motivation to never give up on a task, for we can always prevail if we push ourselves. I came home stronger physically and spiritually!

I would tell other volunteers that this is a once in a life time experience that you can not afford to miss!


For more information about our Rhino & Elephant Conservation Programme, please follow the link or contact us to request further details!

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