Sheila D

Australia | July 2017

We hope that volunteers will continue to support this and other rural schools, to make sure as many children as possible can benefit.

The time at Jabulani School spent with the Grade 1 and 2 children was amazing - the best! We were first assigned children who could already read some English so, after a day or two we talked to the Headmistress and asked her to assign us children who needed more assistance. We could then work with the students who really needed help to improve their English. We were so impressed with the children's eagerness to learn and their hunger for educational materials. 

Our accommodation was excellent - I would highly recommend Villa Victoria to others. Both Bruce and Clive made us feel at home at the Villa and offered us excellent transportation and service. We also had a good orientation of the teaching materials and requirements by Children in the Wilderness (Sue and Shuvanayi).

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve, we were honoured to do so.

- - - - - - - - -

If you are interested in volunteering in Victoria Falls and supporting Jabulani school, please visit the project page.

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