Samir D

Abu Dhabi | July 2017

It was the best holiday we have ever had ! We miss the children, the community workers, the headmistress, the hosts, and Mosi-O-Tunya! Thank you so much for helping us do this, we will do it again I'm sure!

Everyone goes volunteering with the intention of ‘doing good’, however I ended up really getting a lot out of it. I call it ‘detox for my soul’. It really was amazing seeing the children every day, getting hugs from them, and being treated the same. The headmistress is also amazing, so dedicated to improving lives. It was very nice to contribute in a small way! We already miss the place.

It was a very fulfilling experience, seeing the school children every day, helping them to read, painting a wall with the kids and my family, working with the Wilderness Safaris' volunteers, my children playing with all the Jabulani children etc. It was amazing! The programme was well organised - Wilderness Safaris were terrific and we stayed at Vic Falls Home Stay with Bruce and Clive, who became our good friends and went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and welcome.

Zimbabwe has a bad reputation - I was born in Kenya and I feel that Victoria Falls is the safest place in Africa that I have been to.

As well as the people we met through the volunteer programme, we found the people in Vic Falls so welcoming and generous, and we completely felt at home. We did various activities such as the zip line, the train journey, the cultural dance and dinner at the Boma Restaurant, and of course Mosi-O-Tunya (Victoria Falls). This will always be in our memory.

What made you choose this project over other volunteer programmes?

I was born in Kenya and have always had an affinity with the region. I have a privileged life but that is not what we want our legacy to be. Our legacy is going to be how many hearts we touched and I feel that education is the best tool to fight poverty. The motivation I see on those children at Jabulani was truly amazing.

What were your most positive experiences and what did you enjoy most about your time on the project?

The smiles on the children when we assisted them to read, my children playing football and volleyball with the other kids breaking all barriers, the sheer determination of Gogo – Headmistress Mrs. Ndlovu, the hugs we got, the dedication of the conservation workers, and will not forget Clive and Bruce their hospitality and have become our true friends!

And of course the amazing Mosi-O-Tunya, the best place on the planet with its amazing people! We can’t wait to go back.

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If you're interested in volunteering in Victoria Falls and supporting Jabulani school, please visit the project page.

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