Mary S

United Kingdom | July 2017

This programme is a fantastic place for anyone who wants to play an integral part in the fight against poaching.

You get the chance to be up close and interact with the magnificent rhinos and elephants on a daily basis, but if you want to you also get a chance to play a practical and on-going role in supporting the community with projects, ranging from the local schools to the health clinic, or amenities for surrounding villages. It is through supporting the communities in these ways, that gets to the roots of the fight against poaching, and the words 'making a difference' become more than just words. This involvement is something that with the support of the staff you can do up to a point you are happy with, and for as long as you want to be involved, sometimes long after you return home.

Apart from all this, your time will be filled with frequent up close and personal encounters with dozens of beautiful animals, who will give you memories to last forever.

It's the sort of place that can help you change your life if that's what you're looking for."


For more information about the Rhino & Elephant Conservation Programme in Zimbabwe, please click to go to the project page.

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