Margot H

Canada | October 2016

It’s hard to put my experience into words! It was so amazing to learn about and help with the amazing conservation effort that goes on here. Working so closely with the rhino was incredible - a real once-in-a-lifetime experience - and the work that goes into protecting this wonderful animal is inspiring and never-ending. The passion that there is for all the animals is wonderful.

I had such an amazing experience trying to re-introduce an orphaned wildebeest back into the herd on horseback! It was unreal to ride right up to the herd and watch her interact with the wild herd and respond to them, and them to her.

The horse riding programme was really amazing because we could ride right up close to most of the animals and see the whole park from a different perspective.

Everything I experienced  was incredible, from the animals to the scenery and all the amazing people I met. This must be the greatest way to have experienced Zimbabwe!

Margot Hayes, Canada
Horse Riding and Wildlife Conservation

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