Fliss S

United Kingdom | November 2016

Amazing Work and Life Experience 

Submitted by Fliss S | November 2016

I saw this project and thought, yes this is exactly what I would love to do; it gave me the opportunity to work with a variety of different wildlife species and a in a country that I have always dreamed of coming to. I applied and the journey began!

I was involved with all animal related work. From Orphan Care (animal sittings, feeding, cleaning etc); Animal Care (working with animal care guys to feed and clean all other animals at the center). Clinic work (health checks of vervets, baboons, sparrow hark, duikers and lions, surgeries, dressing changes, microscope work and also cleaning). Enrichment (for all animals in enclosures who did not have access to an outside enclosure). Integration (moving orphans into troops), And Pre-release (monitoring and recording troop interactions).

I enjoyed all the work I have been involved in, but in particular anything that involved clinic work (lion work and all the other anaesthetics I have had the privilege to be allowed to assist in) as this was very interesting for me. I also enjoyed enrichment as it became my little project.

Due to being a long stay volunteer I was rotated on to the animals that were more difficult to feed or didn’t not like too many different people. Which I loved as this gave me most satisfaction when they drank or ate for me. Also having veterinary nursing behind me I also had opportunities to get involved in clinic on a regular basis.

Any animal they get in, the overall goal is to try and release them back into the wild. This can sometimes take several months of rehabilitation and care, which the centre provides. If this is not possible the welfare of the animal is considered. I feel the hands off policy is brilliant, it gives the animals the best chance of being able to be released. Young orphan monkeys that we get in do require us to sit with them but we are given instructions on how to handle and act around them. We do not treat them like pets, we groom them and play with them in the same way they would with others in their troop.

I have been told in previous jobs that I required more experience, I feel that spending the last 3 months here at the centre, not only have I gained vital nursing and wildlife experience but life experience. Working here has also made me rethink my career and I feel that I am going to look into and explore wildlife nursing.

I would love to come back and volunteer here again.

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