Karin T

Switzerland | May 2016

I chose this project because there was not a lot of volunteers taken and it looked more personal. When I got there, I knew had I made the right decision! I did so many things - feeding animals, spending time with them, helping the sick ones, assisting the vets at the clinic in neutering, helping at the community dog days, bringing dogs back to the villages and going on excursions.

The volunteer house was very comfortable and clean (even with Horace running in and out!) and Beckie's food was very good. My vegetarian requirement was not a problem. Everyone at the project is lovely and I had such a good time laughing and sharing time with the other people!

I loved to give the bottles to the baby monkey's and also of course taking care of my puppies. I did a LOT of things, the time passed so quickly and I enjoyed every minute of it. The project does a fantastic job for their wildlife and also in the communities - especially the work done with the dogs belonging to the local communities and the education provided to visitors.

For me everything was perfect and I had a fantastic experience! I am already planning to go back!

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