Pete K

South Africa | November 2015

Back in the Bush

Submitted by Pete K | November 2015


Being South African and living in London I missed the bush, I missed the smell. The smell of the dust, the water, the plants.  I missed the African red sunrise and I missed the African sunset.  The sounds of rock pigeons and guinea fowl calling. I missed it all and I wanted to see it again.  

Then a friend told me about the work Nigel did…

The whole experience started with waiting to meet Nigel, someone I'd never met but had been told was short, balding and unfit.  Given I had had a good few beers on the Friday evening before I was too meet and drive up with Nigel I was a little apprehensive about a 5 hour drive on a 1-1 drive up through the hot African sun, especially as I had just landed from London where it was the Winter season. All my initial fears were put to rest upon meeting Nigel where we got along well and the time passed quickly.

Nigel was a great driver, handling some tricky roads, where loose gravel and sinkholes are a fairly common occurance, with ease.  He made sure I was sufficiently hydrated and fed and led by example in terms of using sun cream to protect ones skin from the African sun – something that was of extreme importance in the first couple of days whilst I acclimitized.  Once we got to our final destination, Nigel made sure we were properly settled in and made sure I was fully set up and comfortable whilst giving me enough time to setlle in and have some time to relax. 

It would not be possible to give due credit via this feedback form about my overall experience.  What I will say is I absolutely enjoyed every day that I was with Nigel, from the waking up at dawn and doing bush phys ed, drinking beers after a hard days patrolling, tracking poachers and listening to Justin Bieber! I came back from the trip having had one of the best experiences and adventures of my life, having met some wonderful people, been involved in some epic bush walks and helped with anti-poaching activities. More than that I think alongside the stories I could now share with friends, I came back having made a new friend in Nigel.

I look forward to doing this again and would definitely be more than happy to recommend this experience to others.

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