Sebastien B

France | January 2016

Submitted by Sebastien B | January 2016

I chose thise programme because it looked like a real volunteering programme where I could learn a lot and be useful.

I loved the activities and I had the feeling that every single day was different from the previous one. I was never bored and I always felt useful, and very ready to rest when I got the opportunity. Camping was a really exciting experience - it was also nice to be at the lodge where it was much comfier, but the camping in the bush was absolutely the best part. Every meal was different and diversified and Nigel did so well to cook such nice food just over a fire.

I really had a great time and I can’t get enough of relating this two weeks to my friends. This was a one of a lifetime experience I will not forget. Nigel was the perfect guide and really paid attention to my expectations and well-being. I enjoyed every single minute of it. I loved spending time with the kids at school and watching the elephants. Most of all, I was happy to be part of the day to day anti-poaching activities and get to understand the complexity of it.

I think it was a great opportunity to be the only volunteer on the programme and could hardly imagine it with a big group of people.


We built new toilets for a local school:

Picked up a lot of illegal nets from the lake and caught fish poachers in the act:

We went on amazing drives with magnificent scenery:

And of course I caught the biggest fish:

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