Robert S

USA | August 2015

This was a great choice of ways to spend some time together as a family. Great for the synapses, the mind, the air and the body - and much tougher than New York living! I enjoyed the people and the animals the most. The animals were amazing, even the stories of the "bad" animals - mad elephants and baboons! I'll always remember the two giraffes running in the spotlight at night, the wild dogs, the buffalo we tracked through the bush, the waterbucks, the goats jumping, the black rhino getting his ears clipped, the lions eating the warthog - just a few of the new things which our family got to experience. Plus of course, tractor driving, anti-poaching and Land Cruiser driving lessons!

They say that giving and receiving are cyclical, one feeds into the next. Here, the entire place and all the people are a huge gift. To each other, to the country, to the earth and to neighbours, where all the plants and animals live together in co-existance. Any impact we may have had as volunteers, or just people coming to this place with a sense of trying to help was tiny compared to the gifts that this place and the people here gave to us, the volunteers.

Our guide was a true guide, his guidance in talks, in jokes, in smiling; his presence in teaching, in tracking, in caring, in leading, in all was a huge gift. Roger and his incredible wife Anne and their entire family were some of the most quietly powerful people that I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Adrienne and Charlie were caring, giving, hard working and tough individuals, as the character of all the people here seem to be; including the many trying to eke out a living in a very tough political and social environment. I hope it works out for all of them, from the poorest to the embattled landowners and all who lost their land.

It is an amazing place and I hope many people get to experience it all!

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