Runel L

Denmark | April 2014

As a volunteer who has experienced this programme for four absolutely amazing weeks, I can truly say that this place is a place for those who want to experience untouched nature, wild animals in the best possible habitats and people who give all they have, to help and preserve the animals.

Whether you are going for a bike ride around the park, or just sit and enjoy the amazing sunset at Sunset Deck you're going to enjoy every second of your stay in Kuti. They have some amazing villas with everything the heart desires in the middle of the wildlife and with almost no potentially dangerous animals, you can relax and enjoy nature to the fullest.

Things you definitely need to do is: Take a walk/bike ride around the park, enjoy a drink at Sunset Deck, take a bike ride to the local town Salima where you can eat at the Ice Cream Shop and afterwards go for a walk around the craft markets, and many more things.. Generally everything is really cheap, soft drinks, beers, A frames, the villas and so on. And if you are ever in doubt, don't hesitate to ask the always smiling scouts or manager of the place.

I am positive that i will soon be going back to the place that has given me so much, and hopefully I can give it something back someday.

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