Bill Sparks

Family Volunteer | August 2014

Hard to believe that not so long ago, we were huddled up in our sleeping bags at base camp watching the incredible star show that is the Namibian sky during the night!

Enjoying this view while trying to digest the previous 9 days of our time spent building an Elephant-proof garden fence, sharing work, meals and kitchen duties with new friends and families from far away homes, going on patrol in search of the desert elephants, hearing and seeing new sights and sounds along with the lessons learned from our intrepid, soulful and knowledgeable guide Hendrick, was a bit "heady" to say the least!

Back at home now and gradually re-entering our daily lives and routines, it all seems like awonderful dream from which you hope never to wake in fear of forgetting it all. Such are the thoughts and feelings that won't leave me alone.

As we move forward in the days and years ahead, I will hold on to the belief that journeys of the type we shared as a family here in Namibia leave marks within and upon us as humans that will help us to better appreciate this planet we call home and for the people and creatures that have and will cross our path in our ongoing travels. To have this experience with my family is a gift that I will hold dear for the remainder of my life.

Johannes, Hendrick, Mateus, Adolf and Darren along with the desert elephant, the children at the primary school and the rugged and awesome natural beauty of Namibia and its people, along with your collective passion and commitment to maintain a sense of balance between it all..... is a part of us now, and we are infinitely richer in mind, body and spirit for it.

With gratitude, admiration and respect, thank you!

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