Nigel Parker

UK | September 2014

Every time I visit this project, and this is my third time, I am always impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the staff. This is from the cooks right through to the rhino and elephant handlers who are always very knowledgable and love imparting their wisdom to us lesser mortals, unfortunate enough not to live in Africa.

Whether riding horses or following the rhino through the bush, they are always very dedicated, keeping the volunteers amused and safe at the same time. The school visits are always a joy - whether its helping with the local juniors, counting or doing colours or numbers or helping the secondary school with their vegetable garden, many friendships are made between volunteers and kids.

The work we do is meaningful - clearing fences and mucking out the elephants and the staff are always there to help when necessary. Bright is hugely knowledgeable and keeps us going with his enthusiasm and terrible jokes. Mike is also great and keeps us amused in the evenings when the power is usually off!

All in all this is a very worthwhile project knowing that you are personally helping an animal which could be extinct within your lifetime unless something is done about it. I am sure I will be returning again!

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