Floss Wood

Australia | December 2014

The hands-on experience with the wildlife on this project is like no place I have been before. When faced with a situation of trying to capture a baby wildebeest which had escaped the reserve, we were all involved and treated as part of the team.
All the staff in the different sections of the game park are so knowledgeable and professional, but hilarious and fun to be around - they are a great asset to the project and they are always friendly and willing to share their experiences.

It has been such a privilege to be in such close proximity to the African animals and to have this experience is something I will never forget. The horse riding part of the programme is also amazing

Judy is so positive and happy about everything, as well as being amazingly interesting. She is also one of the most beautiful and kind people I have ever met. Being able to see a baby black rhino was such a privilege as well as catching the baby wildebeest and reuniting it with its mother.

I have loved every minute here so its hard to point out just a few highlights, but I cannot wait to come back ASAP!

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