Caitlin F

Australia | January 2013

My partner and I went here after a recommendation from an ex safari guide. I finally made it and after 2 weeks there, every 2 seconds my brain returns to thinking about it and ways to return there.

Firstly STAY LONGER THAN 2 WEEKS! It may sound like a lot on paper but with all the fun, friends and experiences you will be having it flies by and you will be standing on that bridge waving goodbye on that Friday with tears in your eyes kicking yourself why did you not book for longer!!

As an avid animal lover and currently working in the industry after my time in Namibia, coming back to my country just doesn't cut it anymore and I am planning my next escape back quickly. The staff are incredible, Anya is a wonderful volunteer coordinator and is like your mum away from home, I can't rave enough about the staff they are amazing and always have a fun and positive attitude. There is farm work, food prep, walking activities, animal interactions on daily activities and after your initial few days you can sit and interact in some of the animal enclosures as much as you like and bond with them, a truly special experience I believe you can't get anywhere else. Too much to say and so little time, go see it for yourself :)

We made lots of friends and so many memories I didn't have one bad time there at all, they feed you well, keep you entertained and busy and you will never want to leave!

I will be back!!

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