Holly H

South Africa | July 2013

It is so hard to describe my time here at Imire, because it has been so breathtaking. The knowledge I have gained about nature and animals is beyond amazing. To ask me to put my experiences and adventures down on paper is just too hard, the things I have done here are out of this world and the people I have met here are so inspirational. I have learnt new things from every person I have met and spent time with. The truth is that I fell so madly in love with the animals, bush, people and nature that I extended my trip three times! This place has really opened my eyes; I heard stories that I will never forget and it changed me. It made me want to fight for animals who can’t fight for themselves.

The activities the volunteers do are so rewarding and you feel that you are really helping out with Imire and the game park. I wanted to come here to help make a difference and I truly believe that the volunteers do help, no matter how small the job may seem.

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