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Antoinette W, Netherlands
Wildlife Warriors - Advanced Anti-Poaching Experience I can t really say anything else about my trip than: perfect, amazing, beautiful, homesick to Africa and when can I go back? It was a trip of a lifetime! I joined two projects, the Wildlife Warriors in South Africa, and the Big 5 National Parks Programme in Zimbabwe. To be honest, I loved every second of my time in Africa, both South Africa and Zimbabwe! The projects were totally different and they showed me new angles of conservation. Why did you decide to join these projects? I wanted to learn about nature and wildlife, and at the same time be able ... April 2019 Read More
Sam T, UK
Marine Conservation, Mozambique “If you’re passionate about the water (and everything in it) and want to make a positive difference while having fun, there can be few better places in the world to spend some time than in Mozambique. The programme is run by experienced marine biologists, and is involved in a number of different projects to benefit both the ocean and local communities. So whether you’re excited about heading out to tag sharks, passionate about improving your diving and helping monitor the health of the fish population, or more interested in building education programmes for the local villagers, there’s something there for ... February 2019 Read More
Fabio C, Italy
Wildlife Warriors - Advanced Anti-Poaching Experience I had a fantastic time on the Wildlife Warriors Anti-Poaching Course and I really want to thank you all for this opportunity. I am very happy and satisfied with everything, and will spread the word about both Conservation Travel Africa and Les! Everything was organised so smoothly and someone from Conservation Travel Africa were always on hand to answer any questions and doubts. In the field, Les was a great host, a fantastic teacher and an amazing entertainer! We asked Fabio a few questions about the project: Would you recommend this programme to a friend? Absolutely yes. Please rate the following from 1 to ... January 2019 Read More
Melisse R, USA
Rhino & Elephant Conservation I thought the program was fantastic! The days were well thought out and well organized, and each day offered a series of rich experiences! The variety of the activities was a pleasant surprise. There was a good balance between animal contact, learning about conservation practices, manual work and wonderful cultural experiences. There was even time in each day to relax before moving on to the next great thing. I enjoyed the obstacle course / group games but would recommend they happen earlier than on a Thursday to reap the group dynamic benefits. I find it impossible to say just ... November 2018 Read More
Silke M, Germany
Wildlife Warriors - Advanced Anti-Poaching Experience I was overloaded on experiences and impressions. I still haven t put it all together. The anti-poaching-training and the week I spent after with our instructor touring in KwaZulu Natal was just amazing. I keep on reflecting, searching for words. Les had a very good way of bringing the nature, the understanding of nature, the conservation, the understanding of conservation and in the end the connection to poaching and anti-poaching, to our understanding. All single pieces of the puzzle come together to one big puzzle, one big picture in the end. It all makes sense. He started with the very basics of ... July 2018 Read More
Leslie B, United States
Marine Conservation, Mozambique I had never been to Africa before and wanted to go somewhere off the grid / not that common. I also wanted to do a marine life conservation project, and thought this one was so unique because of the high concentration of mega fauna. I was dying to see a whale shark and on my first Ocean Safari, I remember our team saying they saw one. I was the first one in the water as I was so excited, and came face to face with a massive, yet beautiful, gentle giant. it was such an indescribable and humbling feeling. I’ve always loved ... July 2018 Read More
Rob H, Australia
Endangered Wildlife Conservation This is my second time on the Endangered Species programme in South Africa, and round two was just as special as the first! One day, we were up and about early (just after 4am!) before dawn had even considered breaking. The silence across the reserve was deafening. Our focus species for the morning was to find one of the packs of wild dogs in the area using our telemetry. Two spotted hyena ran across the road. We were all thrilled. One volunteer wrote down the sighting, but were not quite what they were after - what a good start to the ... December 2017 Read More
Beverley M, USA
Rhino & Elephant Conservation I chose this programme because I wanted to be involved in the rhino dehorning operation. I enjoyed every minute of my time spent on this project; everything was positive, from the animals, the community children, cultural experiences and meeting many new and delightful people. The activities on the programme were incredibly diverse, which kept me constantly interested and excited for the next adventure. Apart from the dehorning, my highlight was when I participated in a two day spay/neuter/vaccination clinic in the rural community; never did I think I would be vaccinating dogs, or watching surgeries. Brilliant - This is the most ... October 2017 Read More
Multiple Reviews, Various
Mozambique Horse Riding Internship The kindness and the care of the staff made me feel comfortable knowing that I could handle the experience (and that there was someone there to help if needed). The varied landscape was breathtaking and the bits of history shared about the region was the cherry on top! Learning the backstory helped to make this a special experience and it became more than just horse riding. Thank you for lovely memories!!! Claude Hall, USA September 2017 In July we returned to Mozambique for another amazing trip as our previous trip in 2010 was so magical. Mandy and Pat never disappoint - they are professional ... September 2017 Read More
Cathy H, United Kingdom
Marine Conservation, Mozambique The project location is stunning, with miles of deserted white sand beaches and surf. However, what made this project really special was the warmth, generosity and enthusiasm of everyone involved and their willingness to pass on knowledge. Everyone made us feel at home very quickly. Mozambique is an incredibly beautiful and relaxing place, blessed with amazing marine life and lovely people. While diving and snorkelling, we saw whale sharks, giant mantas, at least 4 species of shark, turtles and stingrays and many other beautiful marine creatures, all while listening to the haunting songs of the humpback whales. ... August 2017 Read More

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