The 5 Pillars of Student Travel

We believe in taking students out of the classroom, to experience real-life situations where they can apply traditional classroom knowledge.

Our student programmes are built upon five core pillars:

Conservation Education
Where better to give amazing student conservation experiences than in the heart of Africa? We believe that increasing knowledge, understanding and respect for the environment and its wildlife is the only way to change people’s attitudes and behaviours. Students will learn about conservation and environmental issues and challenges, learn to identify and track big game, undertake anti-poaching patrols, learn bush survival skills and experience daily life living in the African bush.

Community Service and Culture
To secure the future of wildlife in Africa, education and community prosperity is key. Experience rural life in Africa and develop empathy and a sense of responsibility. Students will deliver English literacy and conservation lessons in local schools and contribute to long term community development projects. Students will help promote a greater global understanding of the need to protect the planet’s wildlife diversity and help bridge the gap between communities and wildlife conservation.

We help to build the global leaders of the future through skills development and personal growth. By applying real life problems to practical situations students will improve their problem-solving capabilities and learn more about their own skills outside of a traditional classroom environment.

Team Building
The relationships between students will change and develop in an outdoor or non-classroom environment. Working together on non-academic projects and developing new skills will build an understanding of the importance of working together, learning about and taking advantage of each others strengths.

Life Skills
The end of childhood is a key time to develop life skills which can be applied to the challenges of young adulthood. Learning these skills in a non-traditional environment will improve problem-solving ability and bring new strengths to the fore.

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