Safety & Support

Our overseas travel experiences, whether they are volunteer programmes, student group trips or adventure holidays, are all life-changing experiences which allow participants to go overseas, view amazing wildlife and immerse themselves in local culture. However, the safety of all our guests is of paramount importance and comes top of our list.

We recognise that risk is an inherent part of travel anywhere in the world and we believe that risk management is the key to anticipating and controlling the impact of any emergency through strict safety standards:

24 hour support
We have staff on-call 24 hours a day both when you are on your trip and before you travel.  All our programmes operate in areas equipped to handle medical emergencies and evacuations and our staff and guides have medical training specific to the African bush.

Help with risk assessments
We are able to offer assistance in completing paperwork required by your school or organisation.

Experienced and qualified staff
We have exceptional destination managers and programme staff. Our staff are all familiar with the country of operation and live, or have lived, within that country and travelled to the programme locations. They will support teaching staff and leaders throughout your trip and have been chosen because of their passion and expertise in their field. Our programme partners are, in many cases, internationally renowned individuals and organisations. Read more about our team.

Safety protocols
Each one of our programmes has an advanced risk management plan. By understanding every detail of our programmes, we are well equipped to keep guests secure and trained to avoid situations that could compromise safety.

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