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Mana Pools National Park is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site - based on its outstanding wildlife spectacles, ecological significance and populations of endangered species - most notably elephant, lion, cheetah, hippo and African wild dog.

It was voted Africa's 5th Best National Park by Getaway Magazine, and is the only National Park where you can go on self-guided foot safaris, surrounded by an immense variety of wildlife. Mana Pools is a magical place of serenity and peace, where animals are truly wild - offering visitors a true wilderness experience. The area is synonymous with avid wildlife photographers and those that are passionate about animals. It is a truly remote, wild African location.

We highly recommend you add a visit to Mana Pools to your Zimbabwe trip. The guides in the Zambezi Valley, are some of Zimbabwe's finest, and with prolific game, low visitor numbers and unique landscapes, it is an unparalleled safari experience. 

For adventurous travellers, a canoe safari along the mighty Zambezi River, is a magical way to explore a unique destination. Our canoe safari covers a section of the middle Zambezi Valley, through Mana Pools. View wildlife from a unique perspective, watching as elephants come to drink and, if you’re lucky, sitings of lion and wild dog from your canoe.

The perfect add-on to any African experience!

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Quick Facts

Location: Northern Zimbabwe on the Zambian border
Size: 20,000 square kilometers
Wildlife: elephant, lion, African wild dog, cheetah, leopard, fantastic birding
How to get there: charter flight from Harare (1 hour)
Accommodation options: mid-range to luxury (camping)
Duration: 3 nights minimum recommended
How much: price on application
Suitable for: adventurous travellers, photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, families (9 years and over)

Private Guided Safaris

There are a variety of safari options in Mana, all designed for you to experience the beauty of the area in well-designed, unobtrusive surroundings.

From idyllic permanent camps with breathtaking views of the Zambezi River, to mobile camps in the vast wilderness of Chitake Springs in Mana's dusty interior (hello lions!), and traditional tented camps where hippo and elephant stroll through - there are a range of options to suit your group and requirements.

Most camps will offer a combination of guided walks and vehicle safaris, and when you are tired of being in the bush, you can relax at camp and enjoy watching elephants pass through and the hippos splash and call.

Fall asleep, secure in your tent, and listen to the sounds of lions roaring and hyena calling. You will almost certainly receive nighttime visitors through your camp, with leopard, lion and wild dog not uncommon camp-mates.

Mana Pools and the Zambezi Valley is the essence of Africa. A magical place, unspoilt and unchanged for generations - a pristine wilderness with a unique serenity. One could almost imagine you are one of the first explorers, discovering this spectacular location for yourself.

To find out more about our recommended Mana Pools safari options, please drop us an email.


Canoe Safaris

Canoe safaris in Mana run from the beginning of April until November and we highly recommend a minimum three night experience.

Spend your days canoeing the beautiful, still waters of the Zambezi River, surrounded on either side by spectacular scenery and immersed in the sounds of the wilderness. The cries of the fish eagle mingling with the grunts of hippo as their eyes watch you go by. The day is broken up with guided nature walks and game drives with your private guide, who will be an experienced safari guide as well as a qualified river guide. You will visit the interior of the park as well as the river area, and it is a magnificent way to experience the variety of what Mana Pools has to offer.


Your camp is always set up in advance, so when you arrive from your day on the river, refreshments are available and wholesome food is waiting for you.

Your room for the night is usually a large 3m x 3m Meru tent, complete with en-suite bathroom, revitalising bucket shower and flush toilet.

Dinner is served at camp, where you can soak up the sounds of the African bush while sitting under the stars by the fire.

To find out more about our canoe safaris, please drop us an email.

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