Wilderness Leadership Challenge


Accept the challenge. Learn to problem-solve in one of the world's most challenging environments - the African bush. This programme is designed to produce strong, can-do characters who are equipped to deal with the opportunities and challenges life throws at them.


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Quick Facts

Location: Zimbabwe

Suggested duration: 4-12 Days

Student limit: Up to 25 students


Far and Wide

Far and Wide Zimbabwe is a fully registered outdoor education center based in the beautiful wilderness areas of the Mutarazi Falls and Nyanga National Parks in Nyanga, Zimbabwe.

Far and Wide was started in 1991 with a mission to teach leadership, team-building and life skills to students, whilst instilling in them an environmental awareness and social conscience.

Founded by Bernie and Julie Cragg, Far and Wide has now grown into a global model for professional, safe, and effective leadership, team, personal development and conservation programmes.

Bernie is an internationally acclaimed expert in both the leadership and outdoor adventure fields. He has lectured at the Junior Leadership University and designed training programmes for the Young Presidents Organisation; not to mention he was a member of the first modern exploratory team that white water rafted the Zambezi River!

Far and Wide is designed to take students out of their familiar frames of reference and empower them to innovate and problem solve when faced with unique challenges. Far and Wide courses teach students through both hands-on and formal lessons which may include:

  • Find courage on the canopy high ropes course
  • Hike to the highest point in Zimbabwe: Mount Nyangani
  • Trek to stunning views of the Mutarazi Falls, the second-highest waterfall in all of Africa
  • Challenge yourself on a canyoning adventure through Nyanga National Park and let your adrenaline pump as you rappel 385 meters down Mutororo Falls - the highest commercial abseil in the world!
  • Journey on the 5-day Turaco trail, testing your stamina while conquering the Eastern Highlands
  • Start your own quest with newly learned map reading and orienteering skills
  • Get back to basics: camp under the stars with nothing but your tent, a single stove top, and yourself!
  • Face rapids on the Pongwe River with bravery
  • Beat to the rhythm of your African drumming lesson
  • Catch a glimpse of Africa’s smallest antelope, the blue duiker, and learn what can be done to stop poaching and conserve these beautiful animals



Day 1
Your leaders will greet you upon arrival in Harare before heading to Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands – home to rolling green hills, majestic waterfalls and your first leadership challenge. Settle into camp for your introduction to the country, the team and the experience of a lifetime.

Day 2-6
For the next five days, you will take on a rigorous leadership, teambuilding and survival skills course that will teach you how to better problem solve, utilize your own strengths and the strengths of those around you, and appreciate, adapt to and thrive in any environment, especially the outdoors.

Under the guidance of leadership experts, you will complete both the confidence and high ropes canopy course, learn map reading and orienteering skills, participate in team-building wilderness challenges, and even take on your own solo, self-sufficient overnight under the stars.

Students will also have the option to complete a canyoning adventure through the national park, mountain bike a single-track course through the highlands, or white water raft the Pongwe River.

Day 7-9
For the next 3 days, the students will put their leadership and outdoor skills to the test on an overnight trek through Nyanga National Park to Mount Nyangani, the highest point in Zimbabwe. While constantly supervised by professional guides, the students will be fully responsible for navigating, setting up camp, and taking care of one another.

Day 10
Today you will depart the Eastern Highlands and transfer to the Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservation, where you will build upon and test your new skills. Meet the professional guides that will serve as your teachers and complete an orientation to prep you for both the wildlife and the environment you will be living in, based in the heart of the game park.

Day 11-13
At Imire, you will work as a team to help both the conservation and the surrounding community. Based at the Imire Bush Camp, you will be constantly surrounded by endangered wildlife and the beautiful African bush. Students work hands-on with elephants and the endangered black rhino as well as going on game drives and nature walks, learning to identify the tracks and signs of a variety of animals, and learning basic bush survival skills.

Students will also be involved in the local primary and secondary schools, where you will volunteer in the conservation club garden and teach English literacy to grade 1 students. You will also participate in traditional Shona culture nights of cooking, singing, dancing and laughter.

Day 14
Today you will pack your things and say goodbye to Zimbabwe, returning home with confidence in both yourself and your classmates, and with a desire to come back soon!

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