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Volunteer in Africa with Conservation Travel Africa and contribute to meaningful, long term conservation and community volunteer projects across Southern Africa.

If you want to do volunteer work abroad, take a career break or volunteer as part of your gap year - make us a part of your planning! Whether you want a family adventure, are a solo traveller, on a career break or a mature volunteer; if you’ve got a week or six months to volunteer in Africa, we’ve got the perfect volunteer programme for you!

We believe that volunteer tourism has a big part to play in overcoming the human-wildlife conflict in Africa. All our volunteer programmes are based at existing projects which have long term environmental or community principles. We believe that supporting these projects is more meaningful than setting up a new programme simply to meet the desire of an overseas volunteer.

Our programmes use responsible tourism practices to build economies which place increased value on wildlife and environmental conservation.

All our volunteers will learn new skills, meet amazing new people (and animals!) and will soon love Africa as much as we do!

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Conservation Programmes Duration: from 1 week
Price: from US$595
Black rhino conservation, elephant monitoring, wild dog research and so much more! There’s nothing quite like being a wildlife conservation volunteer in Africa and there’s no better place ...
Wildlife Research, Courses & Internships Duration: from 1 week
Price: from US$995
Get hands-on wildlife research experience as you study African mammals, birds, ecology and wildlife management. Undertake an accredited Field Guide Course and become qualified for a career in conserva...
Marine Conservation Duration: from 2 weeks to 1 month
Price: from US$2,595
Scuba dive, snorkel and study marine life on one of our marine conservation programmes in Africa. Study manta rays, whale sharks and humpback whales, monitor their movements and be part of their conse...
Family Volunteering Duration: from 1 week
Price: given on application
Bring the kids and join one of our exciting and rewarding family volunteer programmes. Work with wildlife, experience daily life in a game park or get involved in community projects - we have projects...
Community & Teaching Programmes Duration: from 2 weeks to 1 month
Price: from US$945
Wildlife conservation can only be successful if local communities are engaged, educated and positive. We offer a range of cultural immersion, teaching and community development projects, either as par...
Student and School Volunteers Duration: from 2 weeks to 2 months
Price: from US$1,295
Inspire and educate your students in Africa, the most amazing classroom in the world. We offer tailor-made high school travel experiences, perfect for groups aged 12-18 years. Many of our voluntee...
Mature Volunteers Duration: from 2 weeks to 3 months
Price: from US$1,295
We don’t like age limits and volunteering isn t just for teenagers and gap year students! Mature volunteers are welcomed on the vast majority of our projects and we have a wide range of programm...
Tailor-Made Travel Duration: from 2 weeks to 3 months
Price: given on application
Combine unforgettable wildlife adventures, amazing animal encounters and new cultural experiences on your very own tailor-made African journey. Travel to new and exciting countries and meet dedicated ...

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