Group Safaris, Private Tours and Self Drive Adventures

Let our experienced travel team help you plan an unforgettable African tour. Combine volunteer work with a self-drive adventure, join one of our group tours, or have a private guided experience - you choose! Our small groups mean a more personal experience, more amazing sitings and the opportunity to immerse yourself in local cultural experiences. 

We offer regular tours and safaris within a number of Southern African countries, and also overland tours encompassing a number of different destinations. So whatever your interest, budget or time available, there will definitely be an African tour experience to suit you!

We are proud to work with small safari operators and private guides who share our responsible travel values. Our partners and their teams employ local staff and leaders; they use, where possible, locally owned lodges and guest houses and carefully manage all waste and limited energy and water resources. We do not offer tours which include visits to facilities which do not match our strict responsible tourism guidelines. 

We live and breathe Africa and would love to help you create your perfect African volunteering and safari experience. Whether you want to capture the true essence of Africa on a camping safari, or climb into a comfy bed at the end of an exciting day, we can create your perfect travel adventure!


"The only man i envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa,
for he has so much to look forward to"

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Namibia Tours Duration: from 1 week
Price: given on application
The destination you ve been dreaming of! Namibia is one of the most fascinating and visually diverse countries in the world; home to orange sand dunes, unique game viewing, rocky mountain moonscape...
Family Tours - Namibia Duration: from 1 week
Price: given on application
Namibia is the easiest introduction to Africa that you could give your family. The country is safe, welcoming, well set up and has some of the best wildlife viewing, adventure activities and spectacul...
Zimbabwe Tours Duration: from 2 weeks to 6 months+
Price: given on application
Zimbabwe is home to a rich cultural heritage, wonderful landscapes and some of the best wildlife viewing in Africa. We have a wealth of first-hand knowledge about off-the-beaten-track destinations; a ...

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