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Often mistakenly thought of in terms of a single country rather than a diverse continent, Africa is the land of red sunsets, sweeping plains, spreading acacia trees, beating drums and vibrant colours.

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In reality Africa is a hotpotch of different cultures, religions, environments and terrains, with enough excitement and adventure to satisfy even the most intrepid traveller. From huge, overcrowded cities to tiny villages, from tropical jungle to mountain peaks, Africa’s people and animals are as diverse as the environment they inhabit.

With 56 nations, Africa covers 6% of the world’s surface area and 20% of the land area. It has the second largest population of any continent - just over 1.03 billion - which is 15% of the total population of Planet Earth. In many African states more than half the population is under 25. It is one of the most diverse continents - fully 1/4 of the world’s languages are spoken only in Africa, there are more than 2,000 recognised languages, 3,000 distinct ethnic groups, and more physical diversity than on any other continent. There is no such thing as "an African”!

Make an Impact

Contribute to ongoing meaningful and long term conservation and community projects.

All our volunteer programmes and African travel experiences are designed to have a long term positive impact, both on the communities and wildlife you will be working with, and also on programme participants. Responsible travel is a two way street, and we firmly believe that both sides should benefit from the experience.

Why Volunteer?

When you volunteer abroad with Conservation Travel Africa you will play a crucial role in meeting our conservation and community goals, and help us achieve our long term vision of preserving Africa’s wildlife and heritage.

You can volunteer in Africa from 2 weeks to 5 months on one of our wildlife conservation, community or childcare programmes.

Why volunteer abroad?

When you volunteer abroad, especially when volunteering in Africa, you are able to give something back to the wildlife and communities who are often desperately in need in need of support - something which you're not always able to do as a regular tourist. We make sure that all of our volunteer programmes have a long term and sustainable structure, with measurable and achievable goals that benefit the wildlife and local communities. By volunteering abroad with Conservation Travel Africa you will be able to experience the country itself, it's people and cultures and get a real understanding of the conservation issues facing the country - again, something which you would rarely be able to do as a normal visitor.

Why volunteer in Africa?

Africa is the world's poorest and most underdeveloped continent, the result of a variety of issues including disease - most notably HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria - corrupt governments, poor education, internal conflict, lack of water and lack of access to education.

Having said that, Africa is vibrant, colourful, noisy and exciting, and African people are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world. Volunteering in Africa will open your eyes, your mind and your heart and you will have the experience of a lifetime. Africa is glorious sunsets across wide open plains, untamed wildlife, the smell of rain on the dry earth and the rhythm of the local drums. For generations Africa has enthralled travelers and for most, one visit to Africa is never enough. We have put together a variety of responsible volunteer experiences to delight, captivate and excite you and we invite you to come and be fascinated by what Africa will give to you.

We use volunteer tourism to share Africa's wild areas and to help ensure their future protection. Volunteers play a critical role in their donations of time, skills, energy and enthusiasm as well as their financial contributions and without volunteers in Africa, many programmes would struggle to continue to do the work they do.

Your volunteer experience

When you volunteer abroad on a Conservation Travel Africa programme you do not have to be qualified or highly skilled. Your time, energy, enthusiasm and patience are the main tools you need to bring with you.


You will be given all the special training you need to be effective on your volunteer programme and complete your project work. This could be in the form of wildlife identification, lesson planning, literacy training, data capture and analysis, telemetry and radio tracking and even vehicle maintenance. You will also gain experience and skills which can go on your CV or just be used to make your friends jealous!


You will receive safety briefings and orientation at the start of each volunteer programme and we also conduct regular risk assessments and health and safety checks. You will be supervised during your volunteer placements and be shown how to use any tools or equipment that might be dangerous if used incorrectly. All our programmes have a strict code of conduct which must be adhered to during your stay and is in place for your safety and the safety of others, including our volunteer staff.


All volunteers will have an experience when they volunteer in Africa which they would not get as a tourist passing through. You will gain a deeper insight into the culture and people of the country as well as getting an understanding of the environmental, social and political issues facing your programme. We hope that you will leave Africa understanding more about the problems facing the continent, how we are trying to solve them and how the first world can help.


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