New Anti-Poaching Canine Unit in Zimbabwe

4 June 2018

Our Rhino & Elephant Conservation programme in Zimbabwe have just welcomed the newest member to their Anti-Poaching Unit. Murwi, a highly trained Dutch Shepherd dog, is the inaugural member of the team’s Canine Unit, with a mission to add a new level to the conservancy’s anti-poaching and tracking operations.

Phase 1 of Murwi’s training was successfully carried out in the UK during 2017, and in April 2018 she arrived into Zimbabwe for Phase 2 training as an operational anti-poaching dog. Her first destination was the Save Valley Conservancy where she joined Bryce Clements and his top team of dog handlers and K9 trained dogs, who have been at the Save Valley Conservancy since 2016 and play a huge role in the success of their anti-poaching programme. The dogs in the Save Valley are now able to detect spoor which is more than 6 hours old, and track for more than 10km - both at night and during the day.

This dedication has given Murwi and her handlers the ambition that she will soon join their ranks.

In May 2018, Murwi arrived at the project, and has settled in nicely. She has been in intensive training with the Conservancy Manager and Anti-Poaching Unit every day, and is already an invaluable asset to the team. At only two years old, she is displaying an incredible level of intelligence and discipline, and we can’t wait to see how she matures!

We will keep you posted as to how she is getting on as the months progress. We are sure to have lots of success stories to share.

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