Baby black rhino born at our project in Zimbabwe

15 December 2016

We are delighted to announce the birth of a beautiful, healthy, baby black rhino at our partner project in Zimbabwe, Imire: Rhino & Wildlife Conservation.

On 12th December 2016, Imire Game Park in Zimbabwe announced the safe arrival of a miracle of hope and happiness, their newest black rhino calf, Tafara.

Her mother, the conservancy's oldest female black rhino, Kamchacha, gave birth to her first calf, a girl, in the early hours of the morning. True to form, her baby's arrival was not a straightforward event! Kamchacha decided to head to the area of the game park where she herself was born, missed her way and broke through the boundary fence, before giving birth outside the reserve. Her natural instincts kicked in and she then hid Tafara to keep her safe. After some hard work from the Game Park team, the two rhinos were moved back into the conservancy and have been living in thick bush, only being seen when Kamchacha comes to browse and drink.

The new Imire baby has been named Tafara, which means "We are joyful" or "We are rejoicing" in Shona - truly how we are all feeling at the moment! We are overjoyed to complete 2016 with such an encouraging and positive event.

In 2017, small groups of volunteers on the Hands-on Rhino & Elephant Conservation Programme will locate Tafara and Kamchacha on a daily basis and spend a few hours each day observing their behaviour. This is a unique and very special experience which few people will ever get to enjoy, where you can witness the development of an endangered baby rhino and watch the incredible bond form between mother and calf.



At almost a year old, Tafara has grown into a beautiful rhino and Kamchacha is just the best mother! During the course of 2017 volunteers have been helping to monitor Tafara's progress, noting her milestones, recording her feeding and behaviour and watching her relationship develop with Kamchacha.

The interaction between volunteers and baby Tafara has been one of the most popular parts of the programme this year and is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Here are a few more recent photos!

Please enquire for more details or to reserve your place for the remainder of 2017 and 2018! To find out more about the project, please visit the Rhino & Elephant Conservation Programme web page.

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