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Conservation Travel Africa are dedicated to bridging the gap between wildlife conservation and community development.
We use responsible tourism and unique volunteer experiences to raise awareness and support for the preservation of Africa's wildlife.

Conservation Travel Africa was founded by four friends who share a vision to restore Africa’s wildlife and wilderness areas to their previous abundance, and to re-establish safe areas where communities and wildlife can live and prosper in harmony.


We believe that to overcome the conflict between man’s prolific expansion and the preservation of wildlife in Africa, overseas support is essential, both to raise awareness of the issue and contribute towards its solution. Wildlife-based tourism, and in particular volunteer tourism, has a big part to play in the delivery of these solutions and enables local communities to share the financial and cultural benefits which come from overseas visitors. We believe that responsible tourism ensures the protection of wildlife areas for future generations.

The initiatives which volunteers get involved with are existing projects which have been set up to meet a need identified in that region and which have long term environmental or community principles. We believe that supporting these projects is more beneficial and meaningful than setting up a new project simply to meet the desire of an overseas guest.

Responsible travel is a two way street - the contributions of time and energy which overseas visitors bring and, in return, what Africa gives to those visitors - amazing animals, incredible people and stunning wilderness areas.


It's definitely the people that make the company what it is, and we are proud of our dedicated team based in Africa and beyond, who work hard to make sure all our projects are sustainable, meaningful and most of all, awesome!


We work with programme partners are that are reputable, internationally renowned individuals, charities and conservation organisations. Our programmes are run in conjunction with eco-tourism operators, professional safari guides, leading outdoor adventure training schools and team-building experts.

Through our network of programme partners, we have access to some of Africa’s most incredible wildlife areas, most experienced travel professionals and most beautiful camp facilities.

Read more about our responsible travel partners.


Our volunteer programmes cover two main areas; conservation management and community development:

Conservation management - the understanding, management and protection of wildlife and ecosystems. Our programmes provide manpower for anti-poaching support; help with game park management programmes; indigenous tree planting and alien species removal; reintroduction of animal species and conservation research.

Community development - to ensure a value is placed on conservation and wildlife protection, communities need to be educated, aware and supportive. We work hard to engage with the communities which either own the land we operate on or live adjacent to these areas, to help foster an appreciation and pride in their natural heritage.







Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Programmes
Wildlife Research & Internships

Marine Conservation Programmes
Community Development Volunteer Programmes Teaching Volunteer Programmes
Family Volunteer Programmes
Projects for Mature Volunteers
Tailor-Made Packages



Our student travel experiences are aimed at 16-18 year old students and schools who want to have an overseas travel adventure combined with developing leadership and team-building skills, or conservation and community work.

Our student group travel experiences include:
Conservation Projects
Community Service Projects
Team-Building and Leadership Projects
Tailor-Made and Combination Experiences



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