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James G, UK
Teaching & Big 5 Wildlife Conservation We chose this programme because it allowed us to bring our four children aged 8-12, enabling us to volunteer as a family. We stayed in a beautiful cottage with plenty of space and a lovely garden and the food was great - roast beef and yorkshire pudding was a highlight for me! On the old maps of Zimbabwe, the area is described as unfit for human habitation. It is easy, when looking at the dry and arid landscape, to see why. And yet, with unflagging determination, wit and sheer hard work, the family who own this haven have carved ... April 2015 Read More
Naomi F, UK
Malawi Wildlife Conservation Experience I volunteered for four weeks and what an amazing experience that was! The place is so relaxing with its bar looking out to the beautiful sunset. Working with the Zebra, Giraffe, Antelope, visiting community outreach projects, teaching in a local school and weekend trips to Lake Malawi! Cooking over a fire was all part of the fun but most of all it was an absolute privilege to work with the staff! For volunteers: The A frames and villas are very comfortable and clean with use of chitenje for cushions which gives it the friendly African theme. Electricity and warm water are freely ... February 2015 Read More
Rachel M, New Zealand
Horse Riding & Rhino Conservation Cattle rounding, baby counting and and rhino proofing! I enrolled in the equine programme and was so excited when I found out I would be riding alongside Judy Travers. She has been a bit of a hero of mine for a while now, and her passion and enthusiasm for wildlife and the surrounding community is so undeniable and inspiring! She assigned us each a horse depending on ability. I got to ride a beautiful pony – Mware – who was a bit green, but we just clicked, and I had the most fantastic time riding her. We would meet Judy in the ... January 2015 Read More
Marcia B-G, Zimbabwe
Rhino & Elephant Conservation Discussing world issues with a rhino I am a 60 year-old retired attorney who decided it was time to do something worthwhile. I had been searching for a volunteer project in which to participate. I have always loved animals, maintaining homes for such creatures as llamas, a blind deer, and tortoises, to name a few. Another retired attorney and friend had participated in various volunteer projects in Africa and unearthed the Imire program. She asked me if I would like to go along. When we stumbled upon the video, “There’s a Rhino in my House,” we were both hooked. We spent two ... January 2015 Read More
Magnus Rockerman, Sweden
Rhino & Elephant Conservation I don’t even know where to start. From the minute I got here I was struck by the pure beauty of this place and the warmth from everybody involved. I didn’t know what to expect at all but this place just blew me away. I will never forget seeing and spending time with a month-old baby rhino, swimming with the elephants and saying good morning to Tatenda the rhino, who was the first thing I saw when I went out of the front door every morning. Everything has been truly amazing and it is hard to pick out one favourite moment. With ... December 2014 Read More
Floss Wood, Australia
Rhino & Elephant Conservation The hands-on experience with the wildlife on this project is like no place I have been before. When faced with a situation of trying to capture a baby wildebeest which had escaped the reserve, we were all involved and treated as part of the team. All the staff in the different sections of the game park are so knowledgeable and professional, but hilarious and fun to be around - they are a great asset to the project and they are always friendly and willing to share their experiences. It has been such a privilege to be in such close proximity to the ... December 2014 Read More
Erika W, UK
Horse Riding & Rhino Conservation So many special moments! Where to start! Amy and I arrived late in the evening in the pitch black. Mike and two other volunteers, Steve and Bryan, stayed up to welcome us – everyone else was in bed! In the morning we woke up early to a strange banging noise, looked out the window and saw that there were two rhino (Tatenda and Shanu) knocking their horns on the gum pole pen where they spend their nights. What an amazing wake-up! Our trip of a lifetime had begun! Our first part of that morning was to spend time with the elephants, Mac and ... October 2014 Read More
Rachel D, UK
Teaching & Big 5 Wildlife Conservation I had a great experience on my first volunteering project. There was a huge range of different activities to do that it kept us busy all the time. We went black rhino tracking, set up trail cameras for the wild dogs, went on game drives, counted game, went teaching at the local school, helped clearing roads and fixing pipes - we even built a small bridge! My highlights was tracking the rhino and elephant and being able to get very close to them - thanks to Lymon our amazing guide who tried so hard to get us in a position to ... September 2014 Read More
Billy H, UK
Teaching & Big 5 Wildlife Conservation My favourite part of the project was the teaching - it was an amazing experience and the kids were great! I enjoyed absolutely everything about my time in Zimbabwe, especially seeing rhino and wild dog so close. The people made it even better, they were all so lovely and engaging.” September 2014 Read More
Nigel Parker, UK
Rhino & Elephant Conservation Every time I visit this project, and this is my third time, I am always impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the staff. This is from the cooks right through to the rhino and elephant handlers who are always very knowledgable and love imparting their wisdom to us lesser mortals, unfortunate enough not to live in Africa. Whether riding horses or following the rhino through the bush, they are always very dedicated, keeping the volunteers amused and safe at the same time. The school visits are always a joy - whether its helping with the local juniors, counting or doing ... September 2014 Read More

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