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Take a look at some of our volunteer testimonials below to see what previous volunteers have posted about their time on our projects. 

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Julie K, Denmark
Rescued Animal Conservation, Malawi I was at the sanctuary for 22 weeks and I loved every second of it! It was all that I thought it would be and so much more. From the moment I arrived, late because I missed a flight, the staff took care of me. They made sure that I got picked up at the airport and help me to settle in and get my luggage back – it of course also got lost on my way! And from the first time I sat a foot in that house I felt home. All the volunteers and staff were there because of ... February 2016 Read More
Sebastien B, France
Anti-Poaching & Wildlife Management, Victoria Falls Submitted by Sebastien B | January 2016 I chose thise programme because it looked like a real volunteering programme where I could learn a lot and be useful. I loved the activities and I had the feeling that every single day was different from the previous one. I was never bored and I always felt useful, and very ready to rest when I got the opportunity. Camping was a really exciting experience - it was also nice to be at the lodge where it was much comfier, but the camping in the bush was absolutely the best part. Every meal was different ... January 2016 Read More
James P, UK
Rhino & Elephant Conservation Such a special place Submitted by James P | January 11, 2016 You discover its beauty from the moment you wake up in the volunteer house, overlooking a beautiful dam, to then having a delicious breakfast with people I can now call friends, knowing the day ahead will be a new and exciting experience. Nothing is false here, the people are friendly and helpful because that s just them, and you feel it everywhere. Driving through the vast grounds every day, across rivers, through woodland, seeing the wildlife, was a highlight every day. Meeting the people who live and work at ... January 2016 Read More
Laya and Maggie, Canada
Marine Conservation, Mozambique From Biology to Marine Biology! Submitted by Laya and Maggie | November 2015 Fresh out of our undergraduate studies in biology, we spent the summer working, relaxing and traveling a little bit while trying to figure out what we should do next. This was the first time either of us had absolutely no idea what would come next in our lives. We ended up commiserating about our lack of a plan and absolute lack of direction. We decided we wanted to volunteer abroad – Maggie wanted to do some sort of marine conservation and I’ve always been interested in marine biology. We ... November 2015 Read More
Pete K, South Africa
Anti-Poaching & Wildlife Management, Victoria Falls Back in the Bush Submitted by Pete K | November 2015 Being South African and living in London I missed the bush, I missed the smell. The smell of the dust, the water, the plants. I missed the African red sunrise and I missed the African sunset. The sounds of rock pigeons and guinea fowl calling. I missed it all and I wanted to see it again. Then a friend told me about the work Nigel did… The whole experience started with waiting to meet Nigel, someone I d never met but had been told was short, balding and ... November 2015 Read More
Christina Z, Denmark
Rescued Animal Conservation, Zimbabwe Practicing Veterinary Skills in a fantastic environment! Submitted by Christina Z - | November 04, 2015 My time at this project was absolutely fantastic – words cannot describe it! The people there was so kind to me, and I felt very good from day one – they were always very helpful if I needed help or had any kind of problems. I really appreciated that! I had the change to be a part of the veterinary work by assisting the vet at the “Wednesday Veterinary Clinic” where I had the chance to assist in vaccinating and feeding dogs from the local villages. The ... November 2015 Read More
Mary D, Ireland
Rhino & Elephant Conservation The Trip of a Lifetime! Submitted by Mary Drummond | November 2015 I don t even know where to start! I read reviews before I got here from people saying how two weeks was just not long enough. I was heartbroken after my two week stay as well! Every day we experienced something new and exciting. From day-to-day tasks like cleaning out the rhino and elephant stalls and doing feed deliveries, to swimming with the elephants and feeding the rhino. All the handlers were so enthusiastic and willing to share their knowledge with all the volunteers and it was a pleasure to meet the ... November 2015 Read More
Amy S, United Kingdom
Horse Riding & Rhino Conservation We spent two weeks on the horse riding and conservation project and had the best experience ever. We went in October so not too hot (30 degree peaks in the day but much cooler at night), and perfect for early morning rides and beautiful sunsets. As horse riding volunteers we rode every morning nice and early then joined the rest of the volunteers for the daily activities after that. This meant we got the best of both worlds as we got the riding but but didn t miss out on any rhino or elephant or other activities either. The riding part ... October 2015 Read More
Robert S, USA
Teaching & Big 5 Wildlife Conservation This was a great choice of ways to spend some time together as a family. Great for the synapses, the mind, the air and the body - and much tougher than New York living! I enjoyed the people and the animals the most. The animals were amazing, even the stories of the bad animals - mad elephants and baboons! I ll always remember the two giraffes running in the spotlight at night, the wild dogs, the buffalo we tracked through the bush, the waterbucks, the goats jumping, the black rhino getting his ears clipped, the lions eating the ... August 2015 Read More
Alex E, Sweden
Horse Riding & Rhino Conservation I can t choose one best experience because almost everything was amazing. My best experiences were to horse ride among all the animals, to come so close to the animals, to meet all the children at the school and learn about the Shona culture. I also learned a lot about the animals and their situation, and also about the people which I m very happy about. The best way to experience the bush is from the back of a horse and to get so close to all the animals is just amazing. Zebras, impalas, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, waterbucks and many ... July 2015 Read More

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