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Beverley M, USA
Hands-on Rhino & Elephant Conservation I chose this programme because I wanted to be involved in the rhino dehorning operation. I enjoyed every minute of my time spent on this project; everything was positive, from the animals, the community children, cultural experiences and meeting many new and delightful people. The activities on the programme were incredibly diverse, which kept me constantly interested and excited for the next adventure. Apart from the dehorning, my highlight was when I participated in a two day spay/neuter/vaccination clinic in the rural community; never did I think I would be vaccinating dogs, or watching surgeries. Brilliant - This is the most ... October 2017 Read More
Multiple Reviews, Various
Mozambique Horse Riding Internship The kindness and the care of the staff made me feel comfortable knowing that I could handle the experience (and that there was someone there to help if needed). The varied landscape was breathtaking and the bits of history shared about the region was the cherry on top! Learning the backstory helped to make this a special experience and it became more than just horse riding. Thank you for lovely memories!!! Claude Hall, USA September 2017 In July we returned to Mozambique for another amazing trip as our previous trip in 2010 was so magical. Mandy and Pat never disappoint - they are professional ... September 2017 Read More
Cathy H, United Kingdom
Scuba Diving, Research & Marine Conservation The project location is stunning, with miles of deserted white sand beaches and surf. However, what made this project really special was the warmth, generosity and enthusiasm of everyone involved and their willingness to pass on knowledge. Everyone made us feel at home very quickly. Mozambique is an incredibly beautiful and relaxing place, blessed with amazing marine life and lovely people. While diving and snorkelling, we saw whale sharks, giant mantas, at least 4 species of shark, turtles and stingrays and many other beautiful marine creatures, all while listening to the haunting songs of the humpback whales. ... August 2017 Read More
Sheila D, Australia
Teaching & Literacy, Victoria Falls We hope that volunteers will continue to support this and other rural schools, to make sure as many children as possible can benefit. The time at Jabulani School spent with the Grade 1 and 2 children was amazing - the best! We were first assigned children who could already read some English so, after a day or two we talked to the Headmistress and asked her to assign us children who needed more assistance. We could then work with the students who really needed help to improve their English. We were so impressed with the children s eagerness to learn and ... July 2017 Read More
Samir D, Abu Dhabi
Teaching & Literacy, Victoria Falls It was the best holiday we have ever had ! We miss the children, the community workers, the headmistress, the hosts, and Mosi-O-Tunya! Thank you so much for helping us do this, we will do it again I m sure! Everyone goes volunteering with the intention of ‘doing good’, however I ended up really getting a lot out of it. I call it ‘detox for my soul’. It really was amazing seeing the children every day, getting hugs from them, and being treated the same. The headmistress is also amazing, so dedicated to improving lives. It was very nice to contribute ... July 2017 Read More
Abbey R, USA
Cheetah Conservation and Research I went to both desert sites for a week each. Both are located in southern Namibia and I loved them so much! They were definitely a highlight of my stay in Namibia. At the sites we did a lot of research on the human-carnivore conflict: we set camera traps, fed the cheetahs that are at the research sites, and even put out a cage trap and caught a leopard that was killing a farmer’s sheep. The leopard was relocated and released - it was amazing to be an active participant in mediating the human-wildlife conflict. We were given the opportunity to ... July 2017 Read More
Abbey R, USA
Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary The Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary is a very special place, devoted to the care and well-being of the animals that live there. While at the sanctuary I was able to participate in almost all of the activities it had to offer; including research, carnivore feeding, baby animal care, food prep, baboon walks, game counts and so much more! The coordinators were so devoted to their jobs and the animals. They made every activity one to be excited about, even enclosure cleaning! My favorite activities were baby care and project work because I felt like I was directly influencing the lives of those animals. While ... July 2017 Read More
Mary S, United Kingdom
Hands-on Rhino & Elephant Conservation This programme is a fantastic place for anyone who wants to play an integral part in the fight against poaching. You get the chance to be up close and interact with the magnificent rhinos and elephants on a daily basis, but if you want to you also get a chance to play a practical and on-going role in supporting the community with projects, ranging from the local schools to the health clinic, or amenities for surrounding villages. It is through supporting the communities in these ways, that gets to the roots of the fight against poaching, and the words making ... July 2017 Read More
Tim W, USA
Scuba Diving, Research & Marine Conservation Our overall experience would be a 10. We loved Tofo and we had accommodations in a reed house, steps from the beach - absolutely gorgeous. We chose this project because we wanted to be near the ocean and hopefully see megafauna. One of the best experiences of the whole trip was being able to swim in the water with whale sharks and giant manta rays - it was such a privilege. We are a family of three. Volunteering in Mozambique was one of the most amazing experiences we have had together - it was not cheap for the whole family, but ... June 2017 Read More
Jan H, Australia
Hands-on Rhino & Elephant Conservation I spent 2 weeks at this amazing place and could move there permanently. Working so closely with the elephants and the rhino was a dream. The awe inspiring community and the projects and long term goals took me by surprise, and as such has left a space in my heart. The people are wonderful and very passionate. I loved the days walking with the elephants and joining them for breakfast in the bush. I was lucky to be at the project at a time when the new baby rhino, Tafara, was in the bush with her mum. ... May 2017 Read More

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