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Jan H, Australia
Hands-on Rhino & Elephant Conservation Why I love Imire | Submitted by Jan H | 16th May 2017 | I spent 2 weeks at this amazing place and could move there permanently. Working so closely with the elephants and the rhino was a dream. The awe inspiring community and the projects and long term goals took me by surprise, and as such has left a space in my heart. The people are wonderful and very passionate. I loved the days walking with the elephants and joining them for breakfast in the bush. I was lucky to be at Imire at a time when the ... May 2017 Read More
Yvie A, United Kingdom
Big 5 Wildlife Conservation, National Parks I volunteered in Hwange National Park and right from the start I loved landing at Victoria Falls Airport, and then being whisked literally 40 minutes down the road in a no-roof 4x4 vehicle to what felt like the middle of the bush, and being instantly asked to set up my tent for camping! I felt instantly exploded away from my usual daily life of spreadsheets and computers, into Africa veldt - being up close and present as herds of elephants took advantage of one of the many Chamabonda vlei water pans maintained by the trust. I learned a lot ... April 2017 Read More
Ann and Fiona, United Kingdom
Hands-on Rhino & Elephant Conservation “If you were nervous about doing a non animal task, the staff were so perfect in helping you achieve what you believed you never could. A real thank you to them! Always calm, both with the volunteers and the animals. If I was an animal, I would be happy to be looked after here!” Fiona, UK “This was my first time volunteering to celebrate my 50th year on the planet – and Imire was definitely the best place I could have chosen. The close contact with particularly the elephant and rhino was totally a unique experience – memorable in itself, but made ... March 2017 Read More
Cary H, USA
Hands-on Rhino & Elephant Conservation Feedback from Cary H on Rhino Elephant Conservation Programme | January 2017 | I loved every moment we have to spend time with the animals, especially breakfast with the elephants, horseback riding and feeding the elephants and rhinos. I also enjoyed our weekly party and climbing Castle Kopje. After we greet the rhinos and elephants in the mornings and clean their enclosures, which is fun, we stay with the handlers for an hour and watch them forage. In this time Bright is active about teaching us animal facts and talking to us about their behavior. The volunteer house is absolutely ... January 2017 Read More
Sarah C, United Kingdom
Veterinary Internship, Malawi So much knowldge and so many great times! Submitted by Sarah C | October 2016 I’ve recently returned from a 5 week stay… what an amazing experience! I was involved with the care and husbandry of a range of species and there are also opportunities to carry out some outreach volunteer work too. I have taken away so much valued knowledge and great times from the centre. Being a Veterinary Nurse back home, I especially enjoyed working with the on-site vet in the clinic, and also assisting with the pre-release monitoring. The wildlife centre was truly welcoming from beginning to end, all the staff ... November 2016 Read More
Fliss S, United Kingdom
Veterinary Internship, Malawi Amazing Work and Life Experience Submitted by Fliss S | November 2016 I saw this project and thought, yes this is exactly what I would love to do; it gave me the opportunity to work with a variety of different wildlife species and a in a country that I have always dreamed of coming to. I applied and the journey began! I was involved with all animal related work. From Orphan Care (animal sittings, feeding, cleaning etc); Animal Care (working with animal care guys to feed and clean all other animals at the center). Clinic work (health checks of vervets, baboons, sparrow ... November 2016 Read More
Patsy B, Dubai
Family volunteering - Hands-on Rhino & Elephant Conservation An incredible family experience Submitted by Patsy B | July 2016 What an amazing experience we have had on the family volunteering project here at Imire. Our leader, Dolf, shared his passion for the bush with us in such a humble way, imparting his knowledge to us all, keeping the boys interested, motivated and involved in all the activities. Wow, what a priviledge it has been to be at Imire, taking part in the day to day activities involving rhino, elephant and the feeding of lion and hyena, not forgetting the cattle dipping fun! It truly has been an awesome experience. We enjoyed ... August 2016 Read More
Karin T, Switzerland
Zimbabwe Animal Rescue Sanctuary I chose this project because there was not a lot of volunteers taken and it looked more personal. When I got there, I knew had I made the right decision! I did so many things - feeding animals, spending time with them, helping the sick ones, assisting the vets at the clinic in neutering, helping at the community dog days, bringing dogs back to the villages and going on excursions. The volunteer house was very comfortable and clean (even with Horace running in and out!) and Beckie s food was very good. My vegetarian requirement was not a problem. Everyone at ... May 2016 Read More
Katarzyna J, Poland
Hands-on Rhino & Elephant Conservation Unforgettable weeks at Imire Submitted by Katarzyna J | 16th May 2016 I chose Imire for the chance to get hands-on experience with animals and also because of the diversity of the programme, the positive opinions of the programme and its conservation value. I came to Imire between jobs, at my 40th birthday. I hoped to experience the wonderful African wildlife up close and have my own impact on conservation. I got these and so much more. The programme is wonderfully diverse, no two days look the same. Whether it’s walking with the elephants, getting close to the endangered black rhinos, sneaking up ... May 2016 Read More
Sophie H, France
Scuba Diving, Research & Marine Conservation This experience with helped me to better understand the reality of the threat to marine life, and as a consequence to a global ecosystem, which is only a sample of the complexity of this issue. This experience allowed me at the same time to go back to the basics, get more colours in my palette, reconnect with Nature… and to look further than I ever looked. Some people say that scientists are boring, whatever their specialty, and especially in biology. They are supposed to behave as autistic people, living in their own world that nobody can penetrate. As a scientist in clinical ... March 2016 Read More

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