• Discover AfricaThe most compelling and colourful continent on earth - spectacular scenery, incredible wildlife and welcoming people
  • Why VolunteerResponsible working holidays, gap year travel, career breaks and family adventures - volunteers can make a real difference
  • Make an ImpactGet involved with long term sustainable projects run by dedicated and passionate conservation experts and community leaders
  • Student TravelInspire and educate your students in the most amazing classroom in the world
  • Volunteer ProgrammesContribute to meaningful and long term conservation and community volunteer projects

“If you want to go quickly, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb


Thinking about volunteering abroad and want to volunteer in Africa? Conservation Travel Africa provide meaningful and responsible volunteer programmes throughout Southern Africa and tailor-make unique volunteer experiences.

Our African volunteer projects are perfect whether you are a gap year volunteer, taking a career break or looking for a working holiday. Join a wildlife conservation, marine research or community development programme - or more than one! Or further your wildlife knowledge and take one of our wildlife courses.

We only offer volunteer programmes which meet our strict assessment criteria.

Featured Programmes

Conservation Programmes Black rhino conservation, elephant monitoring, wild dog research and so much more! There’s nothing quite like being a wildlife conservation volunteer in Africa and there’s no better place ... Learn More
Wildlife Research, Courses & Internships Get hands-on wildlife research experience as you study African mammals, birds, ecology and wildlife management. Undertake an accredited Field Guide Course and become qualified for a career in conserva... Learn More
Marine Conservation Scuba dive, snorkel and study marine life on one of our marine conservation programmes in Africa. Study manta rays, whale sharks and humpback whales, monitor their movements and be part of their conse... Learn More

Featured Projects

Mana Pools Wildlife Conservation A unique opportunity to support the wildlife in one of Africa’s most magical National Parks. Mana Pools is a true Garden of Eden, one of Africa s last great wilderness areas: remote, pristine an...
Primate Conservation, Zimbabwe Gain hands-on wildlife experience with a variety of animal orphans, and assist in the rehabiliation and release process. Work in Zimbabwe s only dedicated primate rehabilitation centre, with a mission...
Wildlife Warriors - Advanced Anti-Poaching Experience Do you have a passion for the outdoors and a desire to actively contribute to the protection of endangered and vulnerable animals? Gain practical experience in advanced anti-poaching techniques and wo...


Bringing healthcare to the San community of Namibia The San Bushmen of Namibia are considered to be one of the oldest cultures in the world, having lived in southern Africa for more than 20,000 years. Traditionally hunter-gatherers, with no concept of ownership of land or cattle, they have been forced off their original lands, which are increasingly being used for agric... Read More 6 April 2018
When is a Wildlife Sanctuary Not a Sanctuary? Thinking of volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary? Read this article first! The idea of being able to work closely with iconic African animals is a big draw, and volunteering at animal sanctuaries in Africa is incredibly popular. However, before selecting a sanctuary programme and booking your flight, there are... Read More 5 April 2018
Last minute programme availability Occasionally, some of our projects have late cancellations, or are able to offer spaces to last-minute bookings. So, if you re a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of traveller, there are still some programmes with spaces in June, July and August this summer. If you are the type of person who embraces spontaneity,... Read More 28 March 2018
Why you should volunteer with your family in Africa! Different cultures, amazing animals, fantastic landscapes and inspirational people - everything you and your family can experience while on a family volunteering holiday. Perhaps you yearn for the days when you slung your backpack over your shoulder, booked your first night’s accommodation, packed a change of... Read More 20 November 2017
Why we don't (and won't) get involved in big cat and predator tourism The hard-hitting 2015 documentary, Blood Lions, opening up the truth behind the canned hunting industry in Southern Africa, has raised serious ethical questions about the role of captive lions in conservation and the role of volunteers in hugely popular lion “conservation” programmes. The volunteering i... Read More 17 November 2017


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